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It’s our dirty dozenth spotlight, and the very first one of the new year!

Happy New Decade, Full Moon Fans, and welcome to the biggest, craziest, most Full Moon year EVER! We’ve got new movies, new merch, and of course, NEW COMIC BOOKS!

Appropriately enough, this week we’ll be taking a look at one of the brand new original titles to come from our Deadly Ten line-up! It’s the gothic supernatural shocker from the mind of Charles Band himself, The ShadowHeart Curse!

Created in the vein of our cult classic film, Meridian, this story follows powerful psychic Adrianna Dangelis, as she discovers a cursed spirit in her beloved grandfather’s estate. This globe-spanning adventure begins in New York, when Adrianna packs her tarot cards to travel to her family estate, a gorgeous and frighteningly majestic castle in Italy!

There she’ll encounter otherworldly presences that overwhelm her very soul, in the form of the ghostly Luca Fausto and his demon brother Marc. But with good and evil battling for control of the cursed land, will Adrianna be able to break the decades-old spell - or suffer a fate worse than Hell?!

Sexual demons, undead saints, and cursed items from beyond our realm await you in the newest film, coming soon from Charles Band’s The Deadly Ten, but in the meantime -

- EVERY story has a beginning, and you'll be able to read the prequel to the horrifying tale in Full Moon Comix latest one-shot, The Deadly Ten Presents: The ShadowHeart Curse!

Fan favorite Puppet Master scribe Shawn Gabborin takes us into the past, long before medium Adrianna Dangelis travels to Italy to fight for control of her family’s fate. This tale follows brothers Luca & Marco Fausto as we discover how the Curse of ShadowHeart came to be…and what brought the siblings to commit unspeakable murderous acts!

Before you see the film, witness what came before! This soon-to-be-sought-after issue also features two of our most stunning covers EVER, by illustrator Jason Strutz!

Get your pre-order in now, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up the exclusive ShadowHeart T-shirt - ONLY from Full Moon Direct!

Beyond Life.

Beyond Death.

There is Another Place…


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Happy Horrific Holidays from the Deadly Ten!

Tis’ the season for giving! Giving graphically gory gifts that is! So this week we check out some of the one-of-a-kind merch for the Full Moon Freak on YOUR list!

Let’s start with the greatest gift of all: a Full Moon streaming account! It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving, as a measly 60 bucks locks in your lunatic loved one’s account for ONE WHOLE YEAR.

But that’s not all, ACT NOW and receive a FREE Full Moon HOODIE! You heard right, the same hoodie that you see the cast and crew wearing on all the film production’s live streams, delivered to your door, FREE.

But why stop there? The folks on your list wanna fly their freak flag, and there’s no better way to do that than to get them one (or ALL) of our Deadly ten T-shirts! Ten brand new shirts for ten brand new films, all with iconic & horrifying Full Moon imagery that can be worn to scare children as well as small animals!

And what about the more literary-minded loved one on your list? Might we humbly suggest grabbing them the newest issues from our in-house production company, Full Moon Comix?!

We’ve got the entire six issue run featuring the universe-spanning adventures of Brick Bardo, in Charles Band’s Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe! Witness as the miniature space-cop visits ALL you favorite Full Moon characters - and methodically MURDERS them!

Or our newest series, Charles Band’s the Deadly Ten Presents, where each issue gives you more story, more gore, more laughs, and takes you deeper into the Full Moon’s newest cinematic universe!

Whatever you choose, choose QUICKLY because time is running out and YOU don’t wanna end up on Satan Claw’s NAUGHTY LIST! Hit up Full Moon and have yourself a very gory Christmas!

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Somebody’s getting marrieeeeeed!

And YOU’RE invited!

That’s right, it’s the wedding of the century in Charles Band’s the Deadly Ten:  BRIDE OF THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY, and you’re going to have a front row seat at the alter in the new film debuting in 2020!

They said he would never settle done, but big-headed genius Myron Stackpool has finally met his true love in the equally dome-endowed powerhouse Eugenia, and they’re ready to make it honest! But BEFORE they tie the knot, we’re excited to present the story of a VERY important guest - whose having a VERY difficult time making it to the nuptials.

It’s a true family affair when Myron’s brother, the hypersensitive heavy named Wheeler, is mysteriously tossed through time itself in search of his one true family. Along they way he’ll meet a plethora of alternate universe versions of Myron and Eugenia, but will he ever make it home in time to see the happy couple united?

You can only find out in the universe-spanning issue of Charles Band’s the Deadly Ten presents: Bride of the Head of the Family #1 one-shot! Tell your local comic book shop to order heavy on this one, because it has a reveal that’s destined to become a fan favorite classic!

And don’t forget to check out ALL the Full Moon Features films currently being shot at! More stories, more info, and your first look at the Deadly Ten Universe - as it’s being produced! And it’s FREE!

And if you need to catch up with every current issue of the Deadly Ten Presents, it’s as easy as going to Full Moon Direct where you can pick up not only every issue but every cover! Yes, that includes the exclusive Dan Mendoza (Zombie Tramp) covers that are offered ONLY through Full Moon!

So grab some rice and get a tissue, because you’ve got a very exclusive wedding to attend! (But do us a favor and try not to get too big of a head about it, okay?!)

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