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All Hallows’-Eve Update

Happy Halloween Full Moon Freak-fanatics!

We’ve one week away from the launch of issue #4 of Charles Band’s Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe! November 7th is the debut of that downtown frown clown KILLJOY! Along with his girlfriend BATTY BOOP, the killer funnyman is gunning for Dollman - and it’s anyone’s guess who will survive this nightmarish encounter!

And as if that wasn’t enough, the horrible and hateful creatures of Hideous rear their tiny, ugly heads for the first time in comic book form! It’s a madhouse of circus fiends and only Brick Bardo can stop them!

PLUS: Four magnificent covers, with art by Ben Templesmith (cover A), Jason Strutz (cover B), and Dan Mendoza (cover C & D)! Check them ALL out here:

And as if that wasn’t enough, we proudly present yet another of our fan-favorite Full Moon parody ads by Brockton McKinney & Dan Fowler. You get an exclusive first look right here! We think it’s very much in the spirit of the holiday; wouldn’t you agree?

And don’t forget to check out everything that Full Moon Direct has for your witching hour! Frighteningly fantastic Full Moon merch awaits you, but HURRY, offer end SOON!

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