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Full Moon Comix is proud to announce that superstar artist Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night, Army of Darkness, Gotham By Midnight) will be the series cover artist for all SIX issues of Dolman Kills The Full Moon Universe!

That’s right! Every month fans will get to bask in the scary-gorgeous insanity of Templesmith’s renditions of your favorite Full Moon characters! Who’s first? Just take a peek below to see the fully painted and completed cover for the groundbreaking first issue starring none other than Demonic Toys AND Head of the Family!

What?! You heard it here first! Each issue will contain TWO Dollman stories featuring multiple Full Moon characters battling to the bloody death with Dollman himself, Brick Bardo! Who will die? Who will survive? Find out every month only in Full Moon Comix Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe!

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