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We’ve got our very first issue of Charles Band’s The Deadly Ten Presents: Blade the Iron Cross hitting store shelves on the 11th of Sept, but THIS week we’re incredibly excited to tell you about the BUNKER OF BLOOD!

The Bunker of Blood is an 8-part film series featuring the grossest, goriest, and most gorgeously ghastly Full Moon moments in history, all tying into the newest books from the Full Moon Comix series -- with an ALL NEW animated storyline! Each film has a wraparound narrative that serves as the introduction to the newest character additions to the Full Moon family, as we’re introduced to the Gore Collector, Tapehead, and Molly! These three are the Bunker’s unholy trio, and they’re about to embark on an otherworldly and bloodthirsty adventure that spans the very universe itself!

This framed motion-comic directly ties into the Full Moon Comix the Deadly Ten series, as each issue if narrated by Tapehead and the Gore Collector, and both are illustrated by the same amazing artist, Jason Strutz! It’s an 8-part odyssey, written by Brockton McKinney, and voiced by an array of vocal talents, including Full Moon fan-favorite scream queen, Robin Sydney!

And once you open the door to the Bunker, your bloodshot eyes will behold ALL the signature Full Moon franchises -- including PUPPET MASTER, SUBSPECIES, EVIL BONG, and FAR beyond! Simply sign up on ANY DEVICE AND PLATFORM – HERE - and start watching BUNKER OF BLOOD this Wednesday! You’ll also have access to HUNDREDS of incredible cult, horror and exploitation film fare—all waiting for you in the vast recesses of the historic Full Moon library!

And don’t forget: if you want to go on a cosmic road-trip of your very own, why not head to Minneapolis this coming weekend (September 6-8), and meet our founding father Charles Band and the Full Moon team at the CRYPTICON convention! Go HERE to check out all the details and grab advance tickets! Come and grab some comics, swag, movies, and sign up for both the DEADLY TEN site and Full Moon Features and get some cool FREE stuff!

See you in the BUNKER OF BLOOD, Fiendish Full Moon Freaks!

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