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This week it’s time to get your Weedjie on, as we give you the gargantuan gory-story on one of our most exciting projects ever, Weedjies: Halloweed Night!

Full Moon is known for creating some of the most beloved and feared cinematic creatures of all time; it’s an immense world of horror and hilarity populated by such icons as Puppet Master’s Blade, Subspecies’ Radu, and Evil Bong’s Gingerweed Man and Eebee!

And NOW we’d like to introduce you to the newest members of the famously freaked-out Full Moon family. Meet Gravestoned, Gob-Lynn, Weedwolf and Motorbreth – Meet the Weedjies!

These party monsters hail from the WeedjieWorld, a dimension beyond our realm, and thus they can only be summoned through their WeedjieBoard! And that’s what happens in the brand new Charles Band’s The Deadly Ten feature film from director Danny Draven! It’s Halloween Eve when three beautiful, enterprising young women host a 420 mega-party in a haunted hotel. It’s all fun and games, as a scavenger hunt for the kindest of all buds brings a plethora of peculiar partygoers who are ready for a night of PURE freaked-up frivolity!

But the mysterious Baroness and her Weedjies have other plans…

Want MORE? Of course you do! Sign up to the for FREE, and scroll through the massive carousel of videos directly from the SET of Weedjies: Halloweed Night! Then get ready for the premiere of the film on October 21st, 2019 by signing up for your FREE trial of Full Moon Streaming! !

But that’s NOT all! Get ready for even more Weedjie action as Full Moon Comics brings you the comic book one-shot, Charles Band’s The Deadly Ten presents Weedjies: Halloweed Night!

This book is a prequel to the new film and stars the gruesome twosome -- Gravestoned and Gob-Lynn! Our tale begins when the Baroness brings her WeedjieBoard to a heavy metal concert to see the band Mechanical Dracula. But soon the band gets their hands on the board -- and the massive Dankula’s Devil-Doobie—and it's starts a headbangin' nightmare that ends in blood and screams!

This is a MUST HAVE for Full Moon fans as it features the origin of the hard-rockin' Weedjie known as MotorBreth! It features a main cover by Sergio Rios (Gingerdead Man Meets Evil Bong), and collectable variant "Product 02" cover by Dan Fowler (Screaming Soup), PLUS the soon to be revealed Full Moon Direct exclusive cover, the Baroness by Dan Mendoza!

Get ready to meet your new KILLER buds, because the Weedjies are coming for YOU!

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