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The red-hot new Charles Band’s The Deadly Ten original property Weedjies: Halloweed Night just got a little steamier -- with the reveal of Sad Girl Psycho Baby artist Dan Mendoza’s new Full Moon Exclusive Cover!

It’s our first cover featuring the mysterious and alluring Baroness, and she’s cast a spell on…EVERYONE! Illustrated, designed, penciled, inked & colored by the creator of Zombie Tramp himself, these new variant covers will only be offered from Full Moon Direct and is the second of our ULTRA-LIMITED, HIGHLY COLLECTABLE comic books that already have fans going BONKERS for these slick, sick Full-Moon-flick comics!

And that’s not all, because ON SALE NOW is the Blade The Iron Cross #1 issue, featuring Puppet Master’s Lady Syrinx in her needle-fingered School Girl outfit on cover A, and her latex torture-suit on cover B!

Get ‘em while their hot, and then get ‘em graded & slabbed before ANYONE else!

The Schoolgirl Version: Exclusive to, Limited to only 250 copies, and only available here!

The Latex Version: Exclusive to, Limited to only 250 copies, and only available here!

GRAB IT AND SLAB IT, and then every dedicated Deadly Ten devotee must come back to Full Moon Direct by DATE and you can pre-order BOTH of the Weedjies: Halloweed Night Dan Mendoza limited edition covers, so that you’ll be sure to get each your #1 issues before it sells out!

To get your hands on these sultry and spellbinding covers you’ll have to act QUICK, as each set is ONLY receiving a small, exclusive 250 issue print-run!


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