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How well do YOU know TAPEHEAD?

This week we take a look at the analogue fright-beast narrator known for his twisted skeleton body, cord-like tail, and static-blasted glowing-television nightmare-visage!

He first appeared in the motion comic series Charles Band’s Bunker of Blood, alongside the enigmatic Gore Collector! Now, thanks to their psychic link provided by their spiritual guide, Molly, the Gore Collector is able to use TapeHead as a conduit to be the mayhem & mirth-filled host of – you guessed it – our new comic book series, Charles Band’s The Deadly Ten Presents!

Each issue begins and ends as Tapehead guides you in-and-out of the Bunker of Blood and beyond, to prepare you for the onslaught of awesome gorgeous-gore and sick-minded humor that you’ve come to love and expect from Full Moon Comix.

It marks the first comic book's appearance for this newest member of the Full Moon Family, and makes each issue not only a collector’s item, but also a MUST HAVE for true Full Mooniacs!

And each issue of Charles Band’s The Deadly Ten Presents offers a new tale of depravity that goes hand-in-claw with the feature films of the same name! And if you want the entire gory story, you don’t want to miss a single issue.

So for the fans we’re making every current issue available at Full Moon Direct RIGHT NOW! That’s right, and that’s not all. If you hurry you can get your mitts on the exclusive covers by illustrious illustrator Dan Mendoza (Zombie Tramp) that you can ONLY find right HERE. Not available on the shelves, we saved these limited run books for YOU, the Deadly Ten Devotees that deserve it!

So, what are you waiting for?! Come meet Tapehead and the entire cast of creature characters that await you RIGHT NOW at Full Moon Direct!!!

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