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We’ve got NEW exclusive variant covers from superstar artist Dan Mendoza, and you can ONLY get them at Full Moon Direct!

That’s right, we’re debuting the brand new comic cover for Charles Band’s the Deadly Ten Presents Necropolis: Legion - RIGHT HERE!

This cover features everyone’s favorite evil and sexy witch EVA, and her acolytes, The Gatekeepers! Eva is played by actress Ali Chapel in the film created & directed by Full Moon’s cinematic auteur, the incomparable Chris Alexander, and written by our resident maniac madman, Brockton McKinney! Eva appears here in all her demonic glory for the first time in comic book history, as depicted by Zombie Tramp’s creator, Dan Mendoza!

And we’ve got TWO, count ‘em TWO, amazing versions of this exclusive cover for all you Full Moon Freaks and Deadly Ten Devotees.

The first features Eva and her Gatekeepers in there ceremonial sacrificial robes, beckoning you to join them for a night you’ll never survive!

The second features the unholy trio “au naturel,” as Eva shows you what lies beneath! Beneath her clothes, that is! The Gatekeepers disrobe for the ceremony, as Eva unleashes her deadly pair, two teeth & tongue welding breasts that can suck the very life from you – or nourish the ‘Keepers with her life-defying milk!

Available only from Full Moon Direct NOW!

So act now…



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