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Are you ready for an intergalactic adventure as seductively sexy as it is diabolically dangerous?

Then strap up and log in, because it’s time to blast off on the next hit from Charles Band’s the Deadly Ten: FEMALIEN: COSMIC CRUSH!

From writer & director Lindsey Schmitz comes the sensuously charged space saga that only Full Moon could bring you!

Time to meet your newest CRUSH! Visit so you can feast your hungry mindballs on the screen, while the on-set cameras roll LIVE, giving you access to every breathtaking and sultry second of the making of the film!

“But I need MORE!” we hear you cry! Not a problem, head over to Full Moon Direct where you can represent your favorite new Full Moon Feature’s film while making your friends justifiably jealous, as you rock the limited edition Femalien: Cosmic Crush t-shirt!

And THEN get ready for the Deadly Ten Presents comic book featuring an extravagantly stellar tale by the creator of the film, Lindsey Schmitz! That’s right, the writer of the monumental movie also pens the comic book of the same name! It’s an epic one-shot issue that takes fan-favorite characters Maxy Prime & Gabby Jinx even deeper into the Femalien fantastic fantasy!

So set your blasters on “badass” and get ready for deep space discoveries as FEMALIEN: COSMIC CRUSH invades your planet this year, intent on complete debaucherous domination!!!

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1 Comment

clara max
clara max
Nov 23, 2020

It's my favorite novel, it's full of thrill, I must say you have a beautiful mind, you know how to convey messages to others through writing. You are very different in your thought, your way of writing is very different than others, I have your other's book too, and recently I got Bunkers of blood from because it's quite expensive in shops, and luckily I found it there at discount. Reading books is the best way to spend time in lockdown.

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