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Charles Band’s The Deadly Ten continues barreling down the cinematic track, as shooting begins on the first ever movie starring a fan-favorite Puppet Master character in their own film: Blade the Iron Cross!

You can check out ALL the behind-the-scenes right HERE beginning August 20th, from start-to-finish, as director John Lechago and his incredible crew complete this historic film!

And right NOW you can pre-order the tie-in comic book series, written by Full Moon’s Puppet Master scribe, Shawn Gabborin! An all new story, that takes you into Blade’s past as he goes on his first solo mission in a bloody attempt to keep Dr. Hess's research out of Nazi hands! Featuring covers by Robert Hack, and collectable variant "Product 01" cover by Dan Fowler!

Order it now from your local comic book store, or right HERE! The comic world of The Deadly Ten takes you deeper into the Full Moon Cinematic Universe, so make sure you order all TEN standalone tales of deviance and depravity!

Multiple covers available, including this one, our “Kill All Nazis” cover by red-hot illustrator Robert Hack (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina)! Do your civil duty and join the fight at WWW.THEDEADLYTEN.COM!

It’s FREE!

See you very soon, Full Moon Fiends,

The Deadly Ten is COMING!

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