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Dollman kills the Full Moon Universe is BURNING UP THE WORLD!

And if you’re reading the series, then you know that statement is both literal and figurative! Literally Brick Bardo, aka Dollman, is setting fire to characters left-and-right, as well as one hundred other ways to kill things, while leaving a trail of Full Moon character’s lifeless bodies in the wake!

Figuratively, the series is on FIRE with fans and critics alike! Saying things like,

“Both stories are fantastic, over-the-top horror. This book is filled with gore, dark comedy, classic characters…what more do you want? For horror fans, this is a 10/10!” –Tm Stash dot com

[T]here’s just a lot of fun to be had with this comic. It’s a sugary treat for fans of the Full Moon Universe. If you aren’t checking it out already, I suggest you do so – and let’s keep an eye out for all the villains that Dollman will meet up with next! –Brian Mutant dot com

And we’re just warming UP! The latest issue saw our diminutive space cop attempting to drop the hammer down on a clown’s crown when Killjoy invited him to his nightmare kingdom! Now, in the newest issue (number 5 of the 6 issue mini-series) Bardo finds himself facing

…well, EVERYONE!

In the series’ penultimate battle it’s the last creatures of the Full Moon Universe versus a 13-inch badass when Gingerdead Man, Seed People, the Creeps, Ragdoll, Killer Eye, Dr. Alien and MORE attempt to stop Dollman - before there is no one left to save!!!

Check out the amazing Jason Strutz cover right here!

But don’t forget about the variant covers by Zombie Tramp creator Dan Mendoza! Available in regular - and risqué!

Hits shelves Dec 12th, so DON’T MISS OUT!

Need to catch UP, but can’t get OUT? All current issues of Dollman kills the Full Moon Universe will soon be available digitally through Comixology! 

And what would a “Full Moon Comix Update” be without a little sneak-peek of that’s to come? This week is a real treat as we give you a page from the “Full Moon Christmas Toy catalogue.” Written by Brocton McKinney and illustrated by Dan Fowler this one is gonna take you back to your childhood…and then make you cry because its not real!

Dry those demon eyes, FM Freaks, because we’ve got so much more, right here, NEXT WEEK!!!

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