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Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe issue #3 is on stands NOW!

It’s a magical first-time encounter as Dollman teams up with our one-and-only master of the occult, Dr. Mordred! There’s a new threat facing the Full Moon Universe, and you’ve got to see these disgusting FREAKS to believe it!

As if that wasn’t enough, Full Moon fanatics, we also have the slime-drenched threat of the Creepozoids in this very issue. Sometimes even Dollman’s famous Groger blaster isn’t enough to destroy an enemy as powerful as a Creepozoid - but Brick Bardo has a plan.

And by “plan” we mean mega-bomb!

All this plus our very favorite Full Moon spoof ad yet! Trust us, If you love video games and you love Puppet Master- you’re going to go out-of-your-mindbrain for this one.

But don’t take our word for it, check out what has to say below, and then get your own issue right HERE

“you don’t have any excuse to not be reading Full Moon Comics’ Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe, which just keeps getting better with the release of issue #3

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