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Full Moon Comix exclusive first look!

Would you like a sneak peek at what’s coming up in the epic miniseries Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe, debuting at San Diego Comic Con 2018? Of course you do! Well, feast your eyeballs on this stunning piece of progress art from up-and-coming superstar illustrator Jason Strutz (House of Montresor)!

It’s your favorite flesh-eating, castle-creeping, monster-man, Castle Freak himself! Making his comic book debut, the ‘Freak picks the wrong time to show his hideously deformed face which results in a bloody battle of badassery when Brick Bardo, the Dollman, comes calling! All this AND SO MUCH MORE in issue two of Full Moon Comix Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe!

Dollman’s destructive death-dealing continues! His next stop? The Bodega Bay Inn, where a bloody, winner-takes-all showdown against Andre Toulon’s killer puppets awaits him! It’s a Full Moon Universe FIRST-time meet-up for these characters--

--but will it also be Dollman’s LAST?

PLUS - Our issue #2 backstory reveals another Full Moon Universe exclusive FIRST, as Dollman learns the fate of that hall-creepin', cat-eatin' maniac--CASTLE FREAK!

Written by Shawn Gabborin & Brockton McKinney, and powered by the mind of Charles Band, this is another KILLER issue that you'll MURDER to get your claws on!!

Featured covers by Kelly Williams (Eerie), and Jason Strutz (House of Montresor)!

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