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Full Mooniacs unite!

The Deadly Ten is blasting forward in full-effect! We’ve reached the post-production phase on Weedjie’s: Halloweed Night, and we’re wrapping filming on the blood-soaked Necropolis: Legion! Meanwhile at Full Moon Comix Headquarters we’re hard at work on the newest Deadly Ten comics -- including a prequel to the aforementioned Necropolis: Legion!

That’s right, and you heard it hear FIRST! The current Full Moon Comix Deady Ten line-up is: Blade The Iron Cross, Weedjie’s: Halloweed Night and then Necropolis: Legion! We’re taking you deeper, further, and more behind-the-stories of Full Moon than ever before!

And speaking of looking behind the curtain, have you signed up to watch every single minute of the production and filming of your favorite movies? If not, JOIN US NOW, because it’s FREE!

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: Its finally TIME! You can pre-order Deadly Ten presents Blade the Iron Cross issue #1 one-shot right HERE! Two covers to choose from, including the “Kill All Nazis” cover by Robert Hack (Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina), and the collectable variant Product 001 cover by Screaming Soup’s Dan Fowler (featured here)! Don’t miss out on our first, one-of-ten, “faux Full Moon products” featuring the Charlie Meal (named after our illustrious founder, Charles Band)!

It all starts right now, folks! So be sure to save your HalloWEEN for HalloWEED, as we debut the very first film from Charles Band’s The Deadly Ten series, when Danny Draven’s Weedjies: Halloweed Night hits in October 2019!

And stay tuned to for all your nasty and naughty comic book news!

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