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Greetings from Full Moon Central!

It’s been crazy fun insanity around here as we simultaneously prep for all of the Deadly Ten Comix line – AND all of the Deadly Ten feature films!

So we wanted to give the fans a special comix reveal in conjunction with the wrap of the Vegas shoot for the film crew of Halloweed Night: Meet the Weedjies! This is the debut cover from the newest of the D10 Comix series: an all-Weedjies, Halloweed Night #1 issue!

When Madam Haze brings her Weedjie Board to a heavy metal concert, it’s a devilish nightmare for everyone involved, as Gravestoned and Gob-Lynn appear to wreak righteous havoc! Featuring the origin story for the hard-rockin’ creature known as Motorbreth!

You want to know how Weedjies are made? This issue answers that question with more laughs, blood, and metal music than you can bang a head at! Written by Full Moon screenwriter Brockton McKinney, this is your first look at the newest additions to the Full Moon Universe in their gorgeous and gory comic book form!

So get ready, because it’s time for you to MEET THE WEEDJIES: Your new killer BUDS!

Wait, what’s that?! You wanna see even more of the creature-stars of the new feature film? Then head over to and watch the entire movie being made! It’s a horrific and historical cinematic first, and you’re invited FOR FREE!

And don't forget to mark your calendars, because Halloweed Night: Meet the Weedjies will be the FIRST debuted movie from Charles Band's the Deadly Ten series, and it drops OCTOBER 2019! You can follow it every-step-of-the-way between now and then at!

See you there, Funky Full Moon Freaks!

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