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The fifth issue of Charles Band’s Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe is a bonafide BESTSELLER - and everyone is talking about it!

“10 out of 10! OUR RATING! Dollman goes into hyperdrive with issue #5, as Brick Bardo goes through a full gauntlet of Full Moon movie bad guys with as much gore (and fun) as you could ever ask for.” –

We packed this book FULL of your favorite FULL MOON characters, including Gingerdead Man, Ragdoll, Seed People, Zarkorr, the Creeps, The Killer Eye and SO MANY MORE!


“This is a truly fun series that shows both old and new readers the amazing array of characters in the Full Moon lineup. Any classic horror fan will absolutely love the way the creators of DOLLMAN bring them to the printed page. “ – @SilverAgedEd

This is the collector’s item issue - with more first time meet-ups, and more first time BEAT-UPS, than you can shake a bloody fist at! Dollman is checking his list twice – and then wiping the very naughty creatures of the Full Moon Universe off the planet!

ALL current issues available from Full Moon Direct!

“Basically, DOLLMAN KILLS THE FULL MOON UNIVERSE gives us all the gore and destruction we could ever ask of a horror story, without taking itself too seriously. That’s the genius of the series – lots of fun in the middle of all the mayhem.”

So what are you waiting for?! Get yourself a gift this New Year! A silly, stellar, sexy story from the Full Moon universe that goes straight for the jugular!

Digital issues from Comixology right HERE. GET YOUR COPY TODAY!

“This is another 10/10 for any horror fan. Don’t miss it!”

And from all of us here at Full Moon Comix, we wish you a horrifically hysterical holiday, a Gory Christmas and a BLOODY NUDE YEAR!

SEE YOU IN 2019!

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