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Whatta time to be a Full Moon Fanatic!

We’ve got so much going on that it’s making OUR heads spin! We just wrapped principle photography on Halloweed Night: Meet The Weedjies, which will be the first Deadly Ten film to be debuted in Oct 2019, as we consecutively began work on the Halloweed Night comic book one-shot from Full Moon Comix! It’s the origin of everyone’s soon-to-be-favorite Weedjie, the headbangin’ MotorBreth! The book is written by Brockton McKinney who, alongside our illustrious founder Charles Band, wrote the Halloweed film’s original story! So you had better believe that this is true Full Moon canon!

But wait there’s EVEN MORE! Lensing began on Chris Alexander’s supernatural gore-fest, Necropolis: Legion this very week! You can head over to to watch the saga unfold before your eyes! If you love films and have always wanted to see how they are made, this is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to experience it firsthand! And did we mention it’s FREE?

But we’re not done! Necropolis: Legion will be getting it’s own comic book one-shot, as well (ALL the Deadly Ten films will!). This one is written by Puppet Master scribe Shawn Gabborin, and it will take you even further into the witchy madness of the Necropolis lore!

Final comic announcement (until next Monday, that is!) The Deadly Ten comic book series will be narrated by some of our newest and most frightening family member’s, Tapehead & the Gore Collector! That’s right, blasting a broadcast from the Bunker of Blood, straight from their horrific tapes to your mind-boggled brains!  Need a little more? Check out Tapehead on the intro page of the Blade: the Iron Cross issue, illustrated by Full Moon’s art-freak, Jason Strutz!

Now what are you still doing here? Get over to for ALL the latest action and info on Charles Band’s The Deadly Ten!

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