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Whatta week!

Full Moon has so many amazing and insane projects lined up for you, that I don’t even know where to start. We’re about to unleash issue #2 of our hit series ‘Dolman Kills the Full Moon Universe,’ we’ve got a new ‘Puppet Master’ flick collecting the greatest kills throughout the entire film series, and we also have some incredible things lined-up that we can’t talk abut yet—but trust me, it’s banana sandwich.

Let’s start with the comics though, right? The issue #2 book is not only the Puppet Master issue; it’s written by Puppet Master scribe Shawn Gabborin! Gabborin is the mastermind who united the films continuity through his Puppet Master comic book series (and the dude keeps a scale model Blade doll over his desk). It’s drawn by series artist Daniel Pasquel, and colored by the incomparable Simon Robins. Everyone is going to go crazy for this story, but Puppet Master fans? You’re gonna lose your mind for this one.

The second story involves the disgusting creature known as ‘Castle Freak,’ and yours truly has the honor of writing that one. Dream-come-true stuff, as I’ve always loved the film (and still have my VHS copy of it.) My buddy, amazing artist, and frequent collaborator, Jason Strutz illustrates it, Micah Myers letters, and it’s a real page turner, if I do say so myself! This is an in-continuity tale, and we begin our story years after the original film…

Finally we have a new Full Moon parody ad, a staple to the book every month. It’s illustrated and designed by madman Dan Fowler, written by some guy named Brockton McKinney, and for issue #2 we tackle Saturday morning cartoon ads. Now, normally we don’t do previews for the public, but I asked Charles Band if we could run the ad here early, and he said yes! (He can do that; it’s one of the perks of being the founder)

The book hits stands this Wednesday Sept 5th, so grab it from your local comic book store, or right-damn-here from Full Moon Direct!

ALSO, some sneak info for the Full Moon faithful: ‘Puppet Master Blitzkrieg Massacre!’ What is it? What does it mean for the Full Moon Universe? And most importantly, who is the Gore Collector!? Well folks, stay tuned because there’s about to be a new addition to the world of Full Moon, and you’re hearing about it here FIRST!

Coming soon, it’s the film ‘Puppet Master: Blitzkrieg Massacre’ featuring ‘Full Moon’s Bunker of Blood: Chapter One’, and your first look at THE GORE COLLECTOR!

See you next week, Full Moon Fanatics, may your slumber be filled with the most freakish of nightdreams!

-Brockton McKinney


written from the Bunker of Blood

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