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Wicked Wednesday Issue Four Release

It’s Wicked Wednesday here at Full Moon central, and that means it’s time for a brand damn new issue of Charles Band’s Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe!

On stands today, issue #4 is creeping out of the grave, ready to crawl into your mind and rend it dizzy from laughter and gore!

It’s two brand new first-time meet-ups in the Full Moon Universe as Brick Bardo, aka our titular Dollman, tracks down Killjoy the Killer Klown inside a nightmarish dream-world where only one of them can ever wake up! As if that’s not enough, Killjoy has his psychotic girlfriend, Batty Boop in tow, so Dollman really has his hands full of that hand-full!

And if you think that that is hideous then wait’ll you get a load of the creatures from… Hideous! The tiny freak-faces are ready to eat and they only desire Doll-meat!

Hey did we mention that there are two variant covers by Zombie Tramp creator Dan Mendoza? We didn’t? Well there is! And one of them is quite…risqué, lets call it!

All this and more available TODAY!

“But I need to witness the slaughter digitally!” we hear you say. No worries, loyal fiends, because soon ALL current issues of Charles Band’s epic comic book mini-series Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe will be available on Comixology! That’s right, stay tuned here for the greenlight, and while you wait, you can try it out simply by downloading the 1st issue, right now, right HERE

This storyline will change the Full Moon Universe as we know it and the critics agree, this is a Full Moon masterwork!

- 9/10. If you dig Full Moon then it’s a must that you add this to your collection. Keep in mind, this is written by writers who know their subject. Gabborin and McKinney know these characters and are going to do by right by the Full Moon fans. There are instances where creators get their hands on a favorite character and sink the ship without blinking. –

- The artwork here is sensational. The tone mood and feel of what we see has this gritty classic horror feel. The utilization of the page layouts and the angles and perspective we see in the panels show off a very strong eye for storytelling. –

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Charles Band’s Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe any which way you can, because these collector’s items are disappearing scary FAST!

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