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Are you ready for TWICE the Full Moon Comix this month?! Well, you’re in luck, because we have TWO brand new Charles Band’s Deadly Ten Presents titles available for order - RIGHT NOW!

First up is the sequel to the iconic David DeCotou film, it’s SORORITY BABES IN THE SLIMEBALL BOWL-O-RAMA 2! The book kicks off directly after the original film: It’s the 1980’s and the Bowl-O-Rama has been shut down. But when Betty & Jane, collectively known as The Sisters Savage, attempt to loot the abandoned establishment, the evil wish-grantin' Imp is set FREE! Now the siblings must outwit and out-battle the the lil’ f**cker in order to kick his ass back to hell!

This book is HIGHLY COLLECTABLE because it features the debut of Full Moon’s newest badasses, the Savage Sisters, AND the first comic book appearance of special guest star Linnea Quigley as the fan favorite character ‘Spider’! Grab it HERE!

Next is Lindsey Schmitz’s sensuously charged space saga, FEMALIEN: COSMIC CRUSH!

This is an especially cool tie-in to the Deadly Ten film series, as Lindsey is also the writer & director of the FEMALIEN: COSMIC CRUSH movie! That’s right, and this is an epic one-shot issue featuring our star-hopping sexpots Maxy Prime and Gabby Jinx as they square off against a hoary horde of horny homunculi! They’re gonna have their hands (and who knows what else) FULL in this origin story of orgiastic proportions! This story precedies the events of the Deadly Ten film of the same title, so you’ll witness the birth of a salacious sci-fi universe, and meet your newest CRUSH, as you get ready for debaucherously deep space discoveries and domination! Grab it HERE!

And REMEMBER: Each book features a brand-new storyline that directly ties in with their respective Deadly Ten film counterpart, that you can ONLY get from Full Moon Comix.

AND each one-shot title offers THREE variant covers, including the always-sought-after Dan Mendoza (Zombie Tramp) limited edition, Full-Moon-Exclusive cover - ONLY available at Full Moon Direct! (while supplies last, right HERE!)

So, order NOW, and go FURTHER, DEEPER & HARDER into the freakishly fantastic world of CHARLES BAND’S THE DEADLY TEN with Full Moon Comix!

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