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Are you ready for the ALL-NEW, ALL-EXCLUSIVE, Full Moon Products Comics Covers?

You better be because we have five, that’s right, FIVE new collectable covers waiting for you to add to your collection right NOW!

Masterminded by the creator of hit cartoon “Screaming Soup” Dan Fowler presents the Full Moon products you’ve always wanted to see! Each Deadly ten book has an accompanying Exclusive Product cover, and we DARE you to collect all TEN!

First up is the Blade the Iron Cross Product Cover 001 which sports the titular protagonist himself, bloody Blade, debuting the new “Charlie Meal”! Created in the style of the McDonalds happy meals. And named after out illustrious founder, Charles Band, this is one meal you CAN’T go without!

Next up is the stars of Weedjies: Halloweed Night, with their Sweatin’ To the Weedjies Workout Tape cover! It’s all your favorite party animals, WeedWolf, Motorbreth, Gravestoned, and Goblynn - but dressed in 80’s sweats - and ready to get stinky!

How about our Sorority Babes In The Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama 2 cover which features our version of the ever-popular FunKo Pops toys – but depicted as the stars of the original film: Linnea Quigley, Michelle Bauer, and Brinke Stevens being bowled over on the alley by the evil wish-granting IMP!

And if you want some real advice, we recommend our Femalien Cosmic Crush Magazine Cover, which not only features a hot-as-a-meteor-shower lady alien, it also offers all the info you’ll need to get deep into space with this killer collectable book!

And finally, our homage to the beautiful Lynda Carter in her classic Maybelline ad, as Necropolis Legion portrays our version of that ad with the film’s star Augie Duke, as Lisa possessed by the sexual witch Eva, emerging from a very bloody pool! “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its Full Moon!”

And with five MORE Deadly Ten Product covers to come, we recommend you snap these up with a quickness, and complete the Full Moon Comix collection of the century!

And don’t forget to check out ALL the rest of the amazing and limited ‘Charles Band’s Deadly Ten Presents’ covers right HERE!

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