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Somebody’s getting marrieeeeeed!

And YOU’RE invited!

That’s right, it’s the wedding of the century in Charles Band’s the Deadly Ten:  BRIDE OF THE HEAD OF THE FAMILY, and you’re going to have a front row seat at the alter in the new film debuting in 2020!

They said he would never settle done, but big-headed genius Myron Stackpool has finally met his true love in the equally dome-endowed powerhouse Eugenia, and they’re ready to make it honest! But BEFORE they tie the knot, we’re excited to present the story of a VERY important guest - whose having a VERY difficult time making it to the nuptials.

It’s a true family affair when Myron’s brother, the hypersensitive heavy named Wheeler, is mysteriously tossed through time itself in search of his one true family. Along they way he’ll meet a plethora of alternate universe versions of Myron and Eugenia, but will he ever make it home in time to see the happy couple united?

You can only find out in the universe-spanning issue of Charles Band’s the Deadly Ten presents: Bride of the Head of the Family #1 one-shot! Tell your local comic book shop to order heavy on this one, because it has a reveal that’s destined to become a fan favorite classic!

And don’t forget to check out ALL the Full Moon Features films currently being shot at! More stories, more info, and your first look at the Deadly Ten Universe - as it’s being produced! And it’s FREE!

And if you need to catch up with every current issue of the Deadly Ten Presents, it’s as easy as going to Full Moon Direct where you can pick up not only every issue but every cover! Yes, that includes the exclusive Dan Mendoza (Zombie Tramp) covers that are offered ONLY through Full Moon!

So grab some rice and get a tissue, because you’ve got a very exclusive wedding to attend! (But do us a favor and try not to get too big of a head about it, okay?!)

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